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“ Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is doing it, and right is right even if nobody is doing it!” Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

“ The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is better.” Sophie Tucker

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“You cannot fail when, in the face of every adversity, you remain steadfast in the pursuit of your dream.”

“Everyone who keeps trying, succeeds, always!”

“There is never enough time for doing the wrong thing, but there is always enough time to do the right thing.”

‘It is far more important in life to be happy than to be right.”

“It is never too late to do the right thing.”

“This universe that we live in does not care a twit about who is happy or who is sad, who is rich or who is poor, who is right or who is wrong, who is successful or who fails; that being true whatever life brings us today, tomorrow and forevermore is quite of our own making.”

“If everybody worked as hard at being happy as they work on their need to be right, everyone would be happy all the time.”

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It seems that God does, indeed, have a plan for each of us; His plan for us is that we use the brain He gave us to come up with own plan.

Brown’s Law of Eccentricity: Success in life is inversely proportional to the number of eccentricities we have, the severity of our eccentricities and the degree to which we impose them on others.













There is a major difference between being an alcoholic and being a substance abuser. Being an alcoholic is a word that describes what you are (i.e. “you are an alcoholic” or “I am an alcoholic.”) Being a substance abuser describes what you do (i.e. it is a chosen activity—it is not what or who I am.)


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I cannot be sure whether or not I have ever had a totally original thought.  When I arrived on this planet much of the programming of me was already done.  I began life with most of my physical and mental characteristics already in place through my father’s and mother’s genetic contributions that created me.

The value I have contributed is what I have done with the genetic material which I have been entrusted. Many believe that the passing on their genetic material through procreation is the crowning achievement of their lives.  But how can that be when amoebas can boast the same achievement? 

For me, my greatest accomplishment is not that I procreated, nor is it professional success, nor is it financial success or intellectual success.  My greatest achievement is that I loved.  I have created love where none existed before me. This is what I have done with my genetic trust—love, then, is my legacy.

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